ComplyView from Xiphos Research is a risk and compliance portal offering audience specific analytics as relevant to compliance activities. Organisations currently face pressures not just to maintain the security of their networks, applications, and processes but to ensure compliance with a range of mandated governmental and industry specific regulations. ComplyView offers a mechanism by which clear evidence of policy compliance can be attained with objective metrics and detailed reporting. Benefits of ComplyView include:

  • Compliance and risk trends (both technical detail and Executive Summaries)
  • Current compliance posture compared to organisational targets
  • Assignation of role based actions, remediation strategies, and tasks
  • Detailed views for staff specialists and auditors
  • Annotation capabilities to examine deviations from policy
  • Event scheduling
  • Document control and management

ComplyView has been developed to assist organisations in achieving compliance with PCI DSS however it can easily be tuned to address a variety of external and internal policy requirements. Xiphos Research recognise that a 'checkbox' approach is not sufficient when seeking to achieve full compliance and address the evolving threat landscape, and ComplyView has been developed to provide comprehensive compliance data and metrics that can be utilised to address detailed risk and compliance objectives.

ComplyView provides a mechanism whereby all authorised members of client teams, from operations from senior executives can track progress and prove their efforts towards achieving policy compliance, and improving security.

For more details about ComplyView, or any of our range of products and solutions, contact us in confidence to discuss your specific requirements.