Crossbow is a revolutionary and unique automated penetration test and security auditing product, specifically designed to assist organisations and individuals in assessing security threats. Many network and application vulnerability scanners exist in todays crowded software market, however, Crossbow goes above and beyond what users would typically expect from such utilities. As well as providing a comprehensive automated means to discover vulnerabilities in enterprise applications and network infrastructure, Crossbow also includes an intuitive, simple to use, stable and reliable exploit generation and development framework with a wide variety of payloads and execution behaviours.

Crossbow has been specifically designed to be simply the most powerful and versatile network and application test software currently available. Crossbow is available to our customer base in a variety of formats to suit their needs, from single consultant licenses through to network ready enterprise level appliances. Crossbow has been developed to integrate into a variety of environments, and can be adjusted to suit a variety of needs. As a pure breed security auditing application, Crossbow is a unique and industry defining solution, and has also been developed as a means for enterprise level organisations to quickly and easily assess the security posture of their applications and network infrastructure.

Crossbow has been developed by security and networking experts to provide a real world security solution that can be integrated and extended in a variety of environments, and customised to suit a variety of needs. To be assured of the security posture of an enterprise, or specific network infrastructure or applications used to require either manual testing, hit and miss automated testing, or a significant investiture in a range of hardware appliances. Crossbow does it in one box (whether that box is shrink wrapped, or rack mounted is entirely up to you!)

Core Features


  • Thousands of unique security audits
  • Point and click exploit generation
  • Network, application, and database layer attack vectors
  • On-going support for baseline audits via regular updates
  • Immediate release of high risk vulnerability audits
  • Evasion techniques and IDS bypasses as standard
  • Ability to create exploits utilising all common protocols
  • Custom protocol support
  • Roll your own zero days with ease

User Interface

  • Intuitive and accessible interface
  • No coding experience necessary for exploit generation
  • Variety of deployment options (stand-alone, client / server)
  • Capture, store, and replay results and audits with ease
  • Point and click automation and audit scheduling
  • Developed in a proprietary closed source language


  • The most user friendly documentation of any high end security product
  • Step by step documentation
  • Report generation for all audit and test scenarios
  • Multiple report formats (CSV, HTML, etc.)
  • In line and real time visualisation of test and audit data
  • Vulnerability details and thorough mitigations as standard

Single License

  • One year of standard support
  • Unrestricted use (no IP restrictions)

For more details about Crossbow, or any of our range of products and solutions, or contact us in confidence to discuss your specific requirements.