Data Discovery

In order to secure data you mist first know where it resides. Client sensitive data (be that financial, such as un-obfuscated credit card details, or proprietary) can often be found in the most unexpected of places. Excel documents, transaction logs, IVR call logs, and memory artefacts can often contain a treasure trove of data of use to a malicious attacker. The data discovery services offered by Xiphos Research are designed to discover all sensitive data on accessible servers and workstations, prior to an attacker finding it first.

PCI-DSS now mandates that data discovery is enacted on networks that handle card payment and processing, however the data discovery services we offer move beyond those offered by our competitors. Xiphos Research are developing proprietary applications to routinely scan client estates for data beyond the typical file structure, and with database environment, and mail queues, that are often ignored by our competitors.

In addition to the discovery of sensitive financial data (such as card data), we also assist our clients in the detection of patient data, national insurance data, mishandled proprietary data, and unsuitable content (from pornographic materials to those in breach of copyright). By blending the use of automated applications, with manual inspection methods built upon a sound knowledge of forensic examinations and system internal, Xiphos Research can help you find the data before a malicious third party does.

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