Infrastructure Security Testing

Xiphos Research provides a range of specialist infrastructure security assessment services that can be performed either on an individual ah-hoc basis, or as part of a holistic and comprehensive security review. Our service offerings are designed to assist our clients in defining and defending against threats to system integrity and confidentiality, and safeguarding their digital information assets. Our specialist service offerings include:

  • Workstation Assessment Services - Designed to rapidly assess the security posture of large distributed workstation environments, this service offering also discovers vulnerabilities in Operating System platforms, network connectivity, and legacy system security services

  • IDS/IPS Assessment Services - A defensive posture is only as strong as its weakest link. This service evaluates both Intrusion Detection Systems and Intrusion Prevention Systems effectiveness at detecting and blocking attack vectors as well as seeking to bypass security mechanisms in place

  • Firewall Assessment Services - This service offering consists of a detailed study of perimeter firewalls, and seeks to discover any potential vulnerabilities from both a host and policy perspective.

  • Database Security Assessment Services - Database hosts are often correctly described the most vital assets of an organisation. This offering evaluates the configuration and security of database environments, and assists our clients in their protection

Xiphos Research has proven consistently that our infrastructure Security testing services can be delivered rapidly and consistently to a global customer base, fully addressing specific client needs and requirements.

For additional information or assistance with our infrastructure Security testing services, contact XRL today.