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28th January 2016

Have Lenovo Lost the Security Plot? We couldn't possibly comment... no, hang on, yes we could..

25th January 2016

SC Magazine describe us as wistfully metaphysical when discussing the Fortinet backdoor (that may or may not be a backdoor):

21st January 2016

In which we argue about Linux, security, and perception (a bit like Huxley, but not):

8th January 2016

The SSL bank stuff rumbles on

7th January 2016

Our banking SSL stuff continued to spread

6th January 2016

And still people were talking about SSL and banks

5th January 2016

SSL and UK financials continue to be discussed

4th January 2016

We release a report about SSL and the UK financial sector

14th December 2015

Softpedia noted that Darren Martyn spotted that honeypots sometimes get sticky:

19th November 2015

Computer Business Review said our Cross Domain policy research was "major":

17th November 2015

Business Reporter reported on our Cross Domain policy research:

16th November 2015

Our research into Cross Domain policy misconfiguration makes it into SC Magazine:

18th May 2015

Darren Martyn appears in ITV documentary about computer related fraud:

11th May 2015

In which many Chinese IPs target Elasticsearch:

10th March 2015

In which we publish exploit code for Elasticsearch CVE-2015-1427:

4th October 2014

Someone was selling ATM skimmers on eBay from the UK, which was perhaps not the best idea they ever had...:

23rd May 2014

We provided commentary on the FBI, drugs, and hiring:

24th April 2013

A Scotsman went to London to tell Southerners how to do social engineering (without resorting to Scotch):

2nd December 2012

Mike went to Vienna to rant about "cyber"terrorism. An article (probably complimentary) was written. We regretted our lack of attention in German language classes:

8th October 2012

x.25 terror links turned out to be a bank (albeit one black listed by the US Justice Department) and we regret our mis-translation of Farsi (never let it be said we don't own up):

4th October 2012

We found Iranian x.25 Terrorist Links:

17th September 2012

Just in case you hadn't noticed, things have changed around here a little. Not only do we now have a Blog (which we will update when not actually working on more interesting things), but the entire Xiphos Research site has undergone a massive change. Feel free to browse and enjoy the new look site.

17th August 2012

Xiphos Research are going to Michigan to help the mid-Western economy (pizza costs money):

3rd October 2011

Following the fun with UK CNI, we went to India, and made the news there:

29th September 2011

As part of a research project on the threats to CNI, Xiphos Research found some interesting data in the wild. You can read about it here: