What We Believe

Many security companies and consulting groups claim to have values and ethics that govern what they do. Unlike some of our competitors Xiphos Research believe that only by sharing those explicitly with our current and potential clients can they hope to gain a broader picture of who we are, and how we do the voodoo that we do.

  • Our staff make us. Their knowledge, passion and experience is our central asset
  • Research time is built into all on-going staff development
  • Clear communication is essential. We are jargon free and believe in plain English
  • Confidentiality is assured at all times
  • Our footprint is small. We will not impact upon customer projects and staff
  • We will not sell anything our clients do not need
  • We believe in full transparency and on-going relationships with clients
  • Although we look terrible in suits, we understand business risk
  • Security is the best job ever - we help even if it isn't in scope (within reason)
  • We will help you get the most value from security projects
  • We deliver on time, at all times
  • We are small but we are agile. We will outlast the dinosaurs