VulnIntel from Xiphos Research is the most powerful and customisable vulnerability alerting and management application available. VulnIntel allows organisations to gain a detailed understanding of all the current and emerging vulnerabilities that impact upon enterprise information assets. Successful management of vulnerabilities is best business practice, and is now mandated by a number of relevant standards (e.g. Section 6.2. PCI DSS). Using VulnIntel allows organisations to rapidly assess the impact and scope of the vulnerabilities that affect their systems, allowing for rapid deployment of relevant security improvements. VulnIntel has the following key benefits:

  • Multiple user views allow for roles that support your hierarchy, ensuring that the correct information gets to the correct teams
  • Customisable reports, vulnerability tracking, and notification methods to suit your requirements
  • Gain a comprehensive view of all publicly released security vulnerabilities that affect your IT infrastructure as and when they happen
  • Vulnerability data collected from multiple sources (including weaponised exploits and emerging malware / new attack vectors)
  • A highly organised means to manage vulnerabilities, reduce risk, and ensure policy compliance
  • Provision of detailed vulnerability descriptions, threats, and fix information
  • Provision of verified vulnerability intelligence to relevant organisation business units

Unlike other solutions that are commercially available, VulnIntel from XRL can be tuned to suit your requirements, and security best practice. Many competing products draw data from a single source, offer time limited reporting, issue information using insecure channels (e.g. conventional emails), and do not allow for rapid scalability and adjustment. VulnIntel allows our clients to be informed of vulnerabilities as they become known, and address them as part of their remediation and risk management processes.

ComplyView provides a mechanism whereby all authorised members of client teams, from operations from senior executives can track progress and prove their efforts towards achieving policy compliance, and improving security.

For more details about VulnIntel features and benefits, or to discuss your requirements in more details, contact us.